I may or may not have blogged for a while…. 

Well there’s no may not about am I right?! Ha ha ha *laughter fades away…* 

Sooooo anyway, long time no see. Ha. Tea? etc and all the other things you say when you haven’t spoken to a friend for a while. 

Life was crazy, but its slowed down a bit so I am going to talk to you about ‘chick lit’ 

I love it. Well most of it anyway. I love the ones where you pretty much know what is going to happen from the beginning. I love  the mindless turning of pages and the idiotic details. It’s like watching TV and just being able to turn your brain off. 

I recently read It would be wrong to steal your sister’s boyfriend…. (Wouldn’t it?) and it was the normal calibre of chick lit. Yes I got frustrated with the language. Yes it was written pretty poorly, and yes yes I was angry and some of the content but overall it was a pretty easy read that made me feel a bit better about a lot of things. The comfort of the formula reminded me that although lots change around you everyday, some things will never change. 

Happy reading 🙂 xx


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