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‘I was only a kid when I left Earth, and I had no idea what the universe had in store for me.’



So… good… can’t…. review… need to breathe………


Ok right, I think this is better now. Wow, I really wasn’t expecting much of this film. I hadn’t heard too much about it, the boy suggested seeing it and then  I just kept on seeing trailers for it.

I had no idea what was in store for me with this film but WOW! I LOVED IT!

I have a few theories as to why I love this so much.

1. It doesn’t take itself too seriously- this is always a plus for me with Sci-fi and why I don’t like some of the other marvel films so much. I love the jokes and the references that are very meta.

2. The music- SO AWESOME one of the greatest soundtracks in a film for a while. The tape was always magically playing the right mood music 😉 love it so much. I felt the movie through the music, it is so awesome 🙂

3. It’s Star Trek, not the films, old Star Trek and this makes it awesome- It reminds me of star trek, with all the casual species and the enemies and the blue and pink and omnomnomnom I love it. It plays perfectly into my personal version of what Sci-fi is meant to be.

I loved Groot and Rocket. I thought they were amazing and laughed so much and was sad and thought that Groot was amazing and beautiful and may or may not have cried and rejoiced and felt all of the feelings. I thought the timing of the film was great and didn’t really see the end of the film coming. I enjoy the Marvel franchise but sometimes think it can be a bit repetitive so was really happy when I saw this film. I think it is a perfect way to move away slightly from what has become Marvel.

I would recommend this film to everyone. I haven’t laughed this much in a cinema for a long time 🙂

Happy Watching everyone