‘We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves too.’


I know we are a bit into January for this blog but here it goes anyway.

You know when people talk about putting on weight when they start a relationship. Its spoken about as if its a cute amount, a happy amount.


I may have taken that to an extreme.

Two and a half stone later I’ve decided that enough is enough.


All January I have been exercising more and eating a bit less. For me I want to get back to what I was before.


This is probably the best picture which shows the shape and physical fitness I want to get back to.

Sadly, this is what I have become.


So I will update the progress.

As well as my weight I have let my love of reading go undernourished. I have two promises to myself this year. I have already spoken about one but my other is to make time to read. Now I don’t live in London I don’t have my commuting time to read.

I promise myself a comfy chair, a good light and time to read again. I always feel more fulfilled and accomplished when I am reading. TV series and movies are great but there is nothing like the landscapes and drama that can be created in your mind from a few words. I always believe that novels and stories allow more space for imagination and the expansion of the world in which you are submerged.

I want to feel that sense of when you can’t remember if it was a book or a show you have watched because what you have created in your mind is so much more vivid.

I want that feeling that you are so engaged with a character because you are hearing their thought processes.

I suppose the most obvious examples of this are Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, although there are hundreds.

So here’s to a healthier and more imaginative year!

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